Spanish SEM powered by Hispanic Market Advisors® can set up (or maintain if already created) and optimize Spanish CPC and Spanish PPC Advertising Campaigns to reach Spanish-speaking markets, including the US Hispanic and Latin American markets.

  • Getting started with Google AdWords
  • Getting started with Microsoft adCenter
  • Getting started with Linkedin Direct Ads
  • Getting started with Facebook Advertising

In Google AdWords for instance, our main focus will be in optimizing the Spanish-language Campaigns so that:

  • The Avg. CPC & Cost per Conversion are kept to a minimum
  • The CR & # of Conversions are kept to a maximum

We will make specific recommendations to help you optimize your Spanish-language paid advertising campaigns in Google AdWords and Facebook, so the organic search and paid advertising efforts are well-synced and integrated.

If some Spanish PPC campaigns have already been created, we’ll invest time looking into them and coordinate best actions looking forward. If we need to create the Spanish PPC campaigns, we’ll invest time developing the proper keyword strategy and selecting general and specific keywords that directly relate to your Spanish ads’ theme.

Contact us now by completing the contact form below, and if possible, complete the questions for our Spanish SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Services. We’ll then contact you to coordinate an initial complimentary consultation to learn more about your business and design a cost-effective Spanish search engine marketing strategy to tap into Hispanic Internet users.

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